Stuffing Sandwiches Down My Shirt…

Strategies & Inspiration for Crutch Users

by Heather Dugan

Amazon Reviews:

Should be required reading given out with crutches! Stuffing Sandwiches Down My Shirt… is a very practical and inspirational look at how to survive and excel in recovering from an injury or in this case, surgery. Ms. Dugan uses her upbeat humor to share her own thoughts and creative solutions to the very real challenges encountered during recovery from surgery. She also shows how one can take ownership of their recovery and stay active in the recovery but in safe and practical manner. As a surgeon, I will strongly recommend my patients to read this perspective BEFORE their procedure when possible so they can be as knowledgable and proactive as possible. Thanks for sharing this perspective Heather! Dr. Christopher Hyer, DPM

Board Certified Specialist - Podiatric Surgeon, Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center

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Reader Emails and YouTube Comments:

“Thank you for your positive energy! I’m on a air cast and feel down sometimes trying to get around…your videos have been very motivational!” “Thank you, for your optimistic approach, it’s really hopeful and comforting…!  “I have been getting really upset about being in college and not being able to go out and do fun things with all of my friends but this video really inspired me to not give up and made me realize I can still have fun, crutches or not!” “What a breath of fresh air YOU turned out to be!!! 

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