Creating Connection: Relevant Topics & Engaging Discussion

Ready for more? Release the pause button and launch into a full, more connected life!

“Wisdom & Wine” Talk & Group Discussion topics:

  • “Getting From Lonely to Loved”
  • “How to Avoid Dead-End Dating”
  • "Finding Your Cabernet Coaches"
  • "Put the 'Happy' Back in Your Holiday: Strategies for Singles"
  • "Upsize Your World: Strategies for Building a Bigger, Better Life "
  • “From Big Idea to Book”

And more…

Pair the author of Date Like A Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends with your favorite group or singles happy hour for dynamic speaking, relevant data, engaging interactive discussion and the “How To” on essential elements for the relaunch into dating and relationships!

About Date Like a Grownup

Paperback, eBook or audiobook (in 2016).GET THE BOOK

How to Avoid Dead-End Dating:

Tired of hitting the relational roundabouts? Adult dating holds unique challenges—and opportunities—for the midlife single.  Discover how and why to "Date Like a Grownup" from author/columnist Heather Dugan.  Learn how to find and filter romantic candidates, the pros and cons of online dating, how to minimize rejection and why it is, ultimately, worth the lip gloss—or aftershave—to grow your opportunities for long-term love!

Whether divorced, widowed or never married, most singles long for a singular romantic love. Begin building your bigger, better life, and join us for an interactive discussion following Heather's talk. 

Articles on Dating, Relationships and Living a Connected Life 

Date Like A Grownup excerpt (audio)

by Heather Dugan | Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends

"You are helping a lot of us Heather. Keep writing and talking." Mack

"I love your technique of floating over the drama!" Kris

“Heather has many concepts and experiences that I can say ‘Hey, that’s me!’ I am excited to have her book. Heather gave an excellent talk…” John

“This was awesome. Really enjoyed listening to Heather…” Karen

So much of what you addressed is true of my widow friends and I as we begin to talk about and perhaps venture "out there." Wish I had read your book before my foray into

“What a great night! Heather was interesting to hear from and we all had a great time at dinner with some fascinating and revealing conversations.” Marcia

“Great time and interesting conversations!” Kate

“This was a first for our group; but I doubt our last…it’s obvious from the strong turnout that many of us realize there are numerous speed-bumps and false-starts encountered at this stage of life, but at least we have our many friends from this group, and now Heather’s excellent advice…” Steve

"As your Coach, Dugan illustrates numerous 'teachable moments' through a collection of clever 'From the Field' anecdotes...that just may have you laughing out loud, either because you've 'done that' or can't imagine that someone else really 'did that!' Through these personal stories, Dugan connects and creates a credible bond. She transforms the complexities of new tools such as, Google Search and social media into opportunities, teaching us to identify our mistakes, perhaps laugh about them, and then move on." Mike

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